Vol.1, No.9 • March, 2008

Converse Usa Jack Purcell

´╗┐Google Street Ghosts make their mark on Lincoln

Street Ghosts on Campus Way in Lincoln from Paolo Cirio. Photo: Chris Brandrick View on Street View

Paolo Cirio. Photo: Elizabeth Fish View on Street View

Germany it generated surely more concern, as culturally Germans are quite sensitive to their privacy.

Street Ghosts on Flaxengate in Lincoln from Converse All Star Low White Ebay

think by working on the blurring pictures of people from the past suggested me the title for the project.

Converse Usa Jack Purcell

Converse Usa Jack Purcell

Converse Usa Jack Purcell

project, internet companies, like Google, didn have any policy about personal data of people who pass away, they just wanted to keep any information they collect forever and trade it without asking permission.

Converse Usa Jack Purcell

did shock people quite a lot and surprising for me too, as I would be more concerned to be on a Google Map forever and visible by anyone in the world rather than on a wall of an unknown street for a short time.

Paolo Cirio said reactions to his Street Ghosts project was varied, depending on the country and their cultures.

Converse Usa Jack Purcell

Ghosts reveals this abusive business model by reconfiguring the simple visual exposure and the context in which the pictures are displayed.

Converse Usa Jack Purcell

try to misappropriate and store public and private information and sell it back to us.

The photos are printed on thin paper and then affixed with wheatpaste at the precise spot on the wall where they appear in the Google Street View image.

I published the Converse Shoes Buy Online Nz

these issues are better regulated, however those companies will always Converse Womens Target

The project by Italian artist Paolo Cirio is called Street Ghosts and brings blurry images of pedestrians seen on Google Maps to the real world.

Eight life size photos of pedestrians caught by Google Street View cameras have been fixed on the buildings where they were taken as part of an art installation for Lincoln Frequency festival.

Speaking to The Lincolnite, Paolo Cirio said: took me one year to come out with a concept, beyond Converse Usa Jack Purcell just finding access to a wide format printer.

Converse Usa Jack Purcell

reaction is due to a shifting cultural perception of our privacy and what is public in the Internet world and what is private in the physical world; it underlines how people should be educated about these new environments before they lose their rights.

Converse Usa Jack Purcell

Google Street View service captured images of Lincoln streets initially in 2009, and most of the city is available to explore from a computer screen.

Converse Usa Jack Purcell

Converse Usa Jack Purcell

Converse Usa Jack Purcell

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