Easy Tips to Improve Search Engine Optimization

Whether your company has a large digital marketing budget, or you’re a startup looking for ways to save, integrating search engine optimization strategies into your website functionality and copywriting is simple and costs nothing. Notching a spot in prominent search results should be a vital part of any marketing strategy in today’s digital age.

In 2015, the top five organic search results on the first page of Google garnered 75 percent of click-throughs, while the top Google results net 32.5 percent of the average traffic share.

It’s not impossible for small businesses to land in the top five Google search results, or even land the top position for keywords they want to rank for. Here are four simple strategies your business can immediately implement that can have a positive effect on your search engine optimization efforts.

  • Make Sure Your Website Works
  • Write With Keywords in Mind
  • Use a Free SEO Plug-In
  • Create Shareable Content

Content marketing is an essential part of SEO because:

  • It increases the likelihood your pages will be shared. This brings more awareness to your website, which may increase visitors and time spent on page, which positively impacts SEO.
  • New valuable pages that are keyword-optimized are created. This increases the likelihood a search engine will recognize your website for the keywords you want to rank for and be more likely to display your website in search results for those keywords.
  • Content marketing posts may be shared on other sites, which creates positive backlinks. The number of sites that are positively recognized by search engines that link back to your site in their own content reflects well on your site in terms of SEO. If a blog or news site links to your content and reaches a significant number of followers, that helps drive traffic back to your site, while also increasing the chances of your content being shared by others, thus creating more positive backlinks.

Besides creating shareable content to be hosted on your own site, offering to guest blogs on other reputable sites is also beneficial, in that you can include links back to your site within the content that you write, or in your author bio on the article.

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The DIY Guide to Being an SEO Expert

Imagine … generating hundred and thousands of hits to your website a day. Those hits turn into email subscribers, and people buying your products.

This consistent traffic gives you the financial freedom you need to spend time living a life that brings joy and abundance to the world. This is the reality for many business owners and entrepreneurs just like you.

It doesn’t happen over night, and it isn’t easy — but it can be a reality for you.

If you are a “do-it-yourself” kind of person, then this is the definitive guide to being an SEO expert.

Before I show you how to be the master DIY SEO expert, I want to lay some ground rules.

First, understand there are over 200 different “signals” that Google uses to determine ranking in the Google search engine.

It’s not necessary to pay attention keenly to all 200 (unless this is your 24/7 occupation). There are some key signals and criteria to focus on and that we can easily control.

Second, understand that you MUST write and produce content for humans (not the Google bots). If you focus on producing content that humans enjoy you will win in the “eyes” of Google.

Lastly, nothing beats hiring a “real” SEO expert: someone like a WordPress developer who is versed in SEO. He or she can help increase your ranking within your website for optimal results.

  • Hosting
  • Website Theme
  • Site Speed
  • Plugins for WordPress
  • W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • Image Optimization
  • Image SEO
  • Meta Tags (Headlines, Page Titles and Descriptions)
  • Sitemaps
  • Backlinks

Overall SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. The more time you spend learning and optimizing your website, the better your business will do.

Remember the guideline to make content for humans and you should be on your way to massively successful online business!

Make great content, promote it, and SEO juice will be flooding in — on stop.

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